Introducing Pampered Locks™, Premium Coconut Oil for Hair.

Pampered Locks™ is proud to introduce its collection of premium hair mask and hair oil treatments, hand-crafted natural hair products that harness the power of earth's nutrients and botanical essences for hair restoration and hair growth.

Organic virgin coconut oil is a natural conditioner that bonds with protein in the hair shaft to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Available in 4 luxury oil blends, Pampered Locks™ is enhanced with oils extracted from exotic fruits, and topped off with pure jojoba oil. Oil blends include Moroccan argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil and castor oil.

The best part, Pampered Locks™ is infused with essential oils for hair, including rosemary, lavender, Moroccan cedarwood and thyme, to promote hair restoration and hair growth. Inspired by this clinical study.

Pampered Locks™ coconut oil for hair is blended from 100% pure, high-quality ingredients to deliver safe and effective hair beautifying results. No harsh chemical sulfates, alcohol, parabens, dyes, phthalates or petrolatum.

Go ahead, pamper those locks!