FREE Coconut Oil for Hair Giveaway February 17 2014

Our hair brings us a sense of personal pride, which is why hair wellness is such an integral part of our daily regimen.

Show us how Pampered Locks has helped restore your hair’s natural beauty, and receive any free 2oz. Pampered Locks product of your choice.

How to get your free product:
1)   Send us a photo or video & description of your bad hair day.
2)   Send us a photo or video & description of your hair after using Pampered Locks. Tell us which Pampered Locks treatment you used.
3)   Email all of the above and your shipping address to

Your free Pampered Locks treatment will arrive within 3-5 business days after your information has been received. Please note: All submissions are the property of Pampered Locks and may be used for public promotion.

Pampered Locks Testimonials

Lizzie L. in Florida 
Hair Type:
 Thick, curly hair

coconut oil for hair and olive oil for hair

My Bad Hair Day: Frizzy hair, knotted, dry, breakage & split ends, unable to get a brush through it.

Product Used: Coconut Oil + Olive Oil Hair Mask

What I Love about Pampered Locks: The oil helped my hair hang straighter and longer. It was silky and shiny, very easy to brush and felt stronger.

pampered locks
Thanks for your feedback, Lizzie! Your hair is gorgeous! Enjoy your free product, and thank you for being a Pampered Locks customer.


Susan R. in Georgia
Hair Type:
 Thin, brittle hair

My Bad Hair Day: Dry, brittle dull hair, with breakage.

Product Used: Coconut Oil + Castor Oil Hair Mask

What I Love about Pampered Locks: The mask made my hair moist, smooth, soft and hydrated.

pampered locks


Thanks for sharing your results with us, Susan! Tell all your friends about us ; )